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Mild Dyslexia

May 5th, 2013 by Tony Barlow

Mild Dyslexia is a diagnosis given following a learning difficulties assessment when a student is showing signs of ‘Dyslexia’ symptoms, such as: reading behind grade level, letter reversals, spelling issues etc.

Mild Dyslexia and NLP

It is my belief that the majority of students who receive this label have nothing more than ineffective mental strategies for learning and memorizing information.

It has also been shown that if the Dyslexia tests are culturally biased the results can be seriously skewed. For example at a school in Abu Dhabi where the grades were particularly low, the school decided to have the entire school tested for learning difficulties. Approximately two thirds of the school were diagnosed with ‘Mild Dyslexia’.

It was later found that the majority of the students had English as their second language and the questions were designed for US based students.

Turn around ‘Mild Dyslexia’ with NLP

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