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January 11th, 2015 by Tony Barlow


Some students who do quite well up to middle school sometimes get overwhelmed by the quantity of work and memorization required when they move into High School or in the transition from High School to College.Reading Comprehension and NLP

In many cases the mental strategies they have been using up to this point have been good enough to get through school with some effort and time spent, but don’t work well once the quantity of material increases.

Why is this ? Most people think its because of some kind of brain limitation they have. “My memory is obviously not that good”, “I’m not smart enough”, “I don’t have ability for Science, Math or Geography”.

There are other students who learn things at an amazingly accelerated rate. They can read a Science chapter once and retain it all quite easily and quickly.

All students are capable of learning things quickly and effectively. All that’s required is that they are taught how to use their mind / thinking process in order to get their brains to learn and memorize well.


I am going to discuss here the two typical options high school and college students may turn to if they start struggling with the school work. And why those two options are limited and often produce only small improvements.

Extra Tutoring:

Some students will go to tutoring centers or private tutors to get help with a subject they may struggle with. This will normally help to a certain extent but rarely transforms the students abilities.

Tutoring is typically just more practice and doesn’t take into consideration the students subjective thinking process. (Which is where their learning ability lies).

Some general advice to ‘visualize’ or ‘concentrate’ may be given but a detailed assessment of how the student actually thinks while studying is not done. Exactly HOW they visualize, WHERE they visualize, WHAT TYPE of visualizing they are doing. HOW they use internal dialogue, what MENTAL STATE / EMOTIONAL STATE do they have attached (anchored) to learning. And what their LIMITING SELF BELIEFS about learning and memory are.

Inefficient thinking strategies are left in place. So if a student is doing the extra practice but still using their old way of thinking, the student will still get frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s something like walking with your shoelaces tied together, more practice of the wrong thing doesn’t help much.

Also with tutoring a dependence on the tutors explanations may occur and what we are really looking for is to make the student more independent.

I do recommend tutoring in the following situations:

  1. If the student has been taught effective thinking strategies and needs to catch up in Math or other subject, tutoring can speed up the process of catching up now that the student knows HOW TO use their mind.
  2. If the student has severe learning or focusing problems that cannot be corrected with NLP, then some extra help and support is a good thing.

Study Skills:

The typical study skills courses that may be offered in schools or colleges by a helpful teacher or by a visiting company are usually all based at a behavioral level and not at a mental skills level.

What to I mean by this ? Well most students who struggle are having problems because they have never been taught how to use their own mind / thinking process to get their brain to learn and memorize well.

So teaching them things like, take notes like this, study this amount of time, organize your papers like this, keep a schedule. (Which are all important by the way and I teach them all) are all at a behavioral level and will only take you so far.

What students really need to be taught is the mental skills that top students unconsciously use to learn and memorize quickly. Only then will their learning ability be transformed and their belief in their own abilities will turn around.

Brain Training:

Recently I’ve seen some brain training programs popping up that are primarily computer based mental exercises in order to build your brain in the same way that you build muscle with weight training.

I would say these programs are useful for building general cognitive ability and may help some students who are late developers neurologically, but the verdict is still out on exactly what the benefits are.


NLP Coaching for students goes way beyond study skills or tutoring. NLP Coaching is all about transforming the learning ability of a person by teaching them to think like a super fast learner, dramatically improving their learning ability.

How an NLP Coaching Session for High School / College Students works.

If you are struggling in high school or college and feeling overwhelmed with the work. The chances are very high that that you have ineffective and slow mental strategies for learning and memorizing.

More practice will work, but as in the earlier example you are walking with your shoes tied together, so unless you are very highly motivated and are willing to put in hours of work it’s gonna be tough. With NLP you can learn how to untie the shoes and start running !

In an NLP coaching session I will uncover your internal thinking process and it will become very obvious to you why you are struggling.

I will then teach you how to think like a fast learner, and within a very short period of time, you’ll be one ! !

You may be convinced that you don’t have a math type brain or that your memory is not that great or whatever other limitations you think you may have. I will prove to you that this is not the case and I will show you how to learn quickly and easily.

On the free tips area of this web site you will find many examples of thinking strategies that have been modeled from top students. I suggest reading the article the missing piece in our educational system to find out more about the NLP approach.

Other resources to help you start learning quickly and easily

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  • Book a FREE ‘Find out More’ chat with Tony
  • Go to the Free Tips Page to find out more

Thank you for reading this article, I really appreciate you coming to my site, I hope you are enjoying and benefiting from the information here. This site is designed to be the ultimate free resource for students / parents of struggling students.

Please leave a comment below because I’d love to hear what you think!
Thanks again, and good luck! 

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