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School Fears, Phobias & Anxiety Turnaround

December 12th, 2015 by Tony Barlow

Fear into Confidence

Students – Conquer Your Fears & Phobias with Tony Barlow

Picking up fears and phobias is very common and almost everyone you meet will have some kind of learned fear response. Some of these fears and phobias are useful such as developing a fear of a genuinely dangerous situation, but some are non useful. Here is a brief list of the type of things I have dealt with recently:

  • Fear of speaking in front of the class
  • Tests and exams
  • The sound of the school bell
  • Swimming
  • Eating in front of others
  • Wearing a neck tie
  • The sound of a Skype call
  • Someone sneezing at the dinner table
  • Scared to ask questions in class
  • Fear of failing in exams
  • Shy of other people
  • Fear of taking the school bus
  • Talking to other kids & making friends

As you can see it’s possible to pick up a fear or phobia of just about anything.

What’s the difference between fear and phobia, and how do you turn things around ?

A fear is normally not as dramatic or intense as a phobia and typically involves a thought process before the feeling comes. Such as imagining how people will laugh at you when you give your speech and gradually feel worse and worse. This type of learned mental behavior can be corrected fairly quickly by teaching the person to interrupt the automatic thinking pattern and replace it with another type of thinking and feeling.

A phobia is more instant and intense such as, see spider and immediately have an extreme feeling of panic. This is a learned, conditioned response. This type of response can be un-learned quickly using the NLP fast phobia cure. This involves a visualization technique to totally disassociate the person from the feeling of fear.

“Tony Barlow is a recognized expert in the treatment of fears and phobias using NLP. He has worked at one of the top psychology clinics in Dubai and has helped many children and adults to become free of their fears and enjoy life again”.
3-5 individual sessions is typical for success.

Contact Tony to find out more.


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