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Client Feedback

Big Thanks to all my customers who took the time to give me some feedback.

My daughter now understands her own thought process

My daughter who is in grade (9A) has performed admirably academically at School. However, this academic year she has found the subject of Mathematics particularly challenging and has struggled to maintain an above average mark, in sharp contrast to her other subjects.
This has impacted quite significantly on her self-confidence and belief to a point that we as her parents felt it imperative to consult a professional in the field of learning. Mr. Barlow has worked with her over a period of six months and she has come away from the experience, invigorated with a new focus and self belief.
For the first time in her life my daughter understands her own thought process, pertaining to Mathematics. He has equipped her with concrete measures to change her approach and thought process, and crucially to grasp that it is a process that takes time and a result in a test or exam is merely a feedback,(not a judgement) of where you are and what you need to improve on.
My Daughter is a very “result orientated” student and thus when the desired mark is not achieved she struggles to come to terms with the issue.
Mr. Barlow has also been very effective in dealing with her emotional state of mind, especially regarding anxiety attacks during test and/or exam situations.
We as parents are grateful to have had access to a real professional in this field.

Catherine Orman, Parent, Abu Dhabi.

I have referred many students to Tony

Over a 2 year period I have referred many students to Tony ranging from good and average students to struggling learners. Tony has produced excellent results both in the learning ability and the general attitude of the students I have sent to him. I consider Tony to be an excellent trainer both on an individual and group level. In addition to his results with individual students Tony also gave a training session to a class of 8th grade students which proved to be popular with the children and extremely effective in the results the students achieved after Tony’s visit. I can say that I highly recommend Tony Barlow as an excellent trainer and I expect the unique service that he offers using the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming will be of great benefit to the education community in Abu Dhabi.

Gerarda Sullivan B(ed), M(ed), TOFEL Cert. Teacher, Abu Dhabi.

A big change in my daughters attitude

Thank you Tony,I’ve noticed a big change in my Daughters attitude to work we do at home including maths homework, spellings and reading. She approaches it with so much enthusiasm and confidence now. It’s a joy.

Teresa Huins, Parent, Abu Dhabi.

This has helped my daughters self motivation

Ok!!, Now I am really surprised! ,I went for a nap and I left my daughter alone watching tv! After an hour I came down and what did I see??, she was doing her Arabic homework without ever been asked by anyone!!!, Amazing!

Katerina, Parent, Abu Dhabi.
Umayr loves the learning coach

Finished all his assessments in time with minutes to spare !

My son wanted me to let you know that he finished all his assessments in time with few minutes to spare! Can I add its the first time ever.
He used his ‘Fingers Anchor’ before every assessment which made him start with a buzz (he said!). Above all your sessions gave him the boost he so badly needed. He went to each assessment with a smile and I felt like crying just watching him!
Thank you! Your sessions helped me too!

Abeeda Makda, Parent, Dubai.

The learning support teacher was amazed

Hi Tony, Great news on the seminar, I do rate you highly so glad other families get to see how good NLP is πŸ˜‰ I just wanted to up date you really. We had our Learning Support meeting with the teacher last week for each child. The learning support teacher for primary for my son was amazed at his progress.
He is head and shoulders above the ability now of everyone in the group and his confidence has grown so much.
I said again I really do think it was the sessions with you that did it. I think it installed in him that he could do it.
I see him so many times now with his homework, putting the strategies in place you taught him.
He is now doing Big Writes on his own and he has yesterday, just had his end of year concert where he stood with confidence and actually remembered his lines.
His teachers were amazed at his confidence and were all smiles – along with me! I really do believe he will go from strength to strength now.
I just wanted to let you know this as the learning support teacher said she also thought it had had a big impact on his attitude to learning and she also had other children who you have seen who are making miraculous headway.
So maybe we have convinced them …… Have a good Summer Best wishes Kim

Kim Lowe, Parent, Abu Dhabi.

Very effective and results are instant !

Very effective and results are instant. Immediately noticed a dramatic improvement at school!

Reem Zaben, Parent, Dubai.

You have turned my son into a math whizz !

Hello Tony it’s been a long time!!! You saw my son Jake a while back. Thought I would send you a Grade 4 update. He is still below reading level and struggles retaining info (busy busy mind) BUT he is a God damn whizz at Math! He even now helps his sister who struggles and understands things even I can’t!

Lesley Stevenson-Thompson, Parent, Abu Dhabi.
nlp confidence

A massive impact on my daughters self confidence

My daughter in Grade 5B, has struggled quite a bit during her time at School. Her problems started with delayed speech and were compounded in retrospect by only spending 6 months in Grade 2 when she started school again in January 2009. These problems have obviously affected her self-confidence as she realises that she cannot keep up with the class at times.

It has taken us some time to realise that she is missing bits of information and also struggles to retain information in her long term memory.

We took her to Tony Barlow hoping (but not expecting) that he could help her. During our first session with him, he was able to get her to memorise her 27x table (and know her divisions with it) and to spell antidisestablishmentarianism forwards and backwards. We thought it was a party trick! But she has been able to remember them for some time, and the visualization technique has enabled her to learn and remember spellings and basic mathematics that she was previously unable to do. Her ballet teacher has even seen a huge improvement in her ability to remember dance sequences.

This has, of course, had a massive impact on her self-confidence. I would, and indeed have, recommended Tony to a number of people and believe that he is a valuable resource to our community. I have two children who each learn very differently and it is clear to me that some people are born able to remember things, and some need to be taught how. Tony fills that how to gap.

Lisa Hamid, Parent, Abu Dhabi.

Now I know how to help my own kids

Thank you so much I have really enjoyed the course, I have learned so much about how our brain learns. I wish every school had a center where a course like this is part of the school system. I have taught my two kids one 15 years old girl and the other one is 12 years old boy. They both have benefited a lot especially my daughter. With my son unfortunately although he saw the usefulness of applying it yet he is not willing to study. I would definitely recommend everyone to take this course. One more thing I have also taught my youngest son who was 6 years last year to look at the words as images instead of individual letters I witnessed the speed of reading and writing has dramatically increased, I have even taught him to imagine whatever his reading and make a movie in his head it works very well. Now I know the tools of learning and I know how to help my kids. Learning with Tony was enjoyable, as I could see how passionate he was with this course. I could ask whatever questions as many times as I wished and he was always willing to answer and repeat. I also received a certificate which I am proud of. Thank you so much Tony.

Najma Al Bimani, Oman.

You worked a miracle with my son

Hi Tony, I don’t have the final scores yet in writing but I can confirm the following:
Geography 6/7 (Up from 4)
Maths 5/7 (Up from 3)
French 5/7 (Up from 3)
Biology/Chemistry 4/7 (Up from 2)
English 4/7 (Up from 3)
My son also won the “Ambassador Sports Award” which is one of the highest honors a student can get for sports at DIA across all grade levels.
So the bottom line is, YOU WORKED A MIRACLE!
I can’t thank you enough for unlocking Lee’s mind and he now talks about the future with a goal and constantly talks about his “mind movies”.
I would like to ask that we perhaps have 2 or 3 sessions at the start of his next academic year just to reinforce what you have achieved with him so far so that we can get off to a good start to the year. What do you think?
I have also passed on your details to the ASD counselors with my testimony in the event that they have a need for a “miracle worker”. πŸ™‚
So hows that for a result?!

Janine Hanekom, Parent, Dubai
Tony has helped Andrea's daughter study

Tony helped my daughter handle the stress of year 12

I really wanted to thank you as I have seen a great improvement with my Daughter. She is handling the stress of year 12 really well and is slowly improving all her grades and has passed her last maths test and assignment which is amazing. Her wall is covered in timetables which she religiously fills out and follows. So really wanted to say thanks and we have talked about maybe giving you a call closer to final exam times if she feels she needs any more help.

Andrea Savvas, Darwin, Australia.

My son has gained self confidence

My son Richard 14yrs was not doing well in school to say the least. In the classroom the teachers reported that he could not focus, was easily distracted and instead of listening to the teacher was constantly looking around the room. He often refused to to homework and his exam results were poor. He was also diagnosed as ADHD which further dented his confidence. After a recommendation from a teacher at the school I took Richard to see Tony. Richard responded very well to the sessions with Tony and a week later got an 86/100 in his monthly history test having previously been in the 20’s. The school actually thought he had cheated. I am happy about the way he is now doing in school but far more importantly, my son has gained confidence in himself and this has been life changing for him.

Janet Stever, Parent, Abu Dhabi.

Math is no longer hated or feared

I cannot thank you enough for the help and encouragement you have given Maddi. Math is no longer hated or feared, she enjoys it for the the first time and her grades have really improved. We have just had parent teacher meeting and her Maths teacher is so pleased with the change – she finishes work in class early and asks for more work, is focused and doesn’t let classroom distractions interfere with her study. Homework is done independently and without being asked. And it doesn’t just apply to math, her other grades have improved along with her attitude to school work and confidence. Best education investment ever!

Really feels better about managing her school work !

Hi Tony, I just wanted to say thank you again for working with my Daughter – and with me!!! She really feels better about managing her school work!! I wish I had called you earlier!!! She already feels so much better!
We will let you know how she does on her exams.
Thanks again!!!

Leslie Shivamber, Parent, Abu Dhabi.

I have used Tonys strategies in the classroom

Tony has tutored my two children and he has given me strategies to help students in the classroom. I have recommended him to several parents who have students that could benefit from sessions with Mr. Barlow. I would highly recommend him as a trainer for educational strategies. Mr. Barlow has a very gentle approach with children and adults. He is highly knowledgeable about Neuro Linguistic Programming and explains concrete ways in which to apply it. I have a Masters of Education in Learning Disabilities and find this very fascinating.

Linda Willis Bs, Ms.Educator, Abu Dhabi.