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FAQ for Individual Student Coaching

What age range do you work with for your Individual Coaching Sessions?

For my individual coaching I normally work with 7yrs old up to college students and adults, however I do coach students as young as 5yrs old.

Can you help with student Fears, Phobias and Anxiety?

Absolutely, NLP is the ideal approach for quickly eliminating any kind of fears or phobias allowing students to gain self confidence in any area. Please click on SERVICES – SCHOOL ANXIETY & PHOBIAS or contact me to set up a phone call to find out more.

Do parents need to be present at the sessions?

Yes it is a requirement for younger students that a parent or guardian be present at all sessions, for in person coaching or over Skype. For High School and College students, parents should be present at least during part of the initial assessment session and give their written permission.

How do I find out more about Individual Coaching Sessions?

Contact me for a FREE chat and I will give you an honest evaluation if my approach is suitable for you or not. During the initial assessment session I can normally demonstrate some immediate results.

I have a high success rate with a wide range of issues students have.

The reason for this high success rate is that NLP provides a skill set to enable me to look INSIDE the minds of students. When you uncover what a person is thinking while learning it is often obvious why they are having difficulties. This is an area that schools and psychologists have missed.

What’s the Cost of 1-2-1 Sessions ?

UAE: Dh350 for the initial goal setting /assessment session 60 mins. Followed by a 3, 5 or 10 session package costing Dh1100, Dh1750 and Dh3400 respectively.

International / By Skype: The same costs as above converted to US$.

How many sessions do I / my child need ?

This depends on your goals and your current learning abilities / issues. Typically 3-5 sessions for good or average students who want to accelerate learning speed or overcome difficulties with just one or two areas. For students who are struggling in more that one area 5-10 sessions is typical.

Is This Like Tutoring ?

Tutoring can be beneficial but does not take into account what the student is doing inside their mind in order to learn and memorize. Tutoring is basically more school / more practice. Whereas, in an NLP Coaching Session the student will learn HOW to learn, the specific mental strategies used by top students. Skills they can use for their entire school and college life.

Is This a Psychological Assessment ?

No this is not a psychological assessment or a ‘learning difficulties’ assessment.

Where in the UAE do you conduct sessions?

Repton School-Saturdays & selected weekdays after 3pm
My Office-Weekdays
Jebel Ali Primary School (Coming Soon)
Abu Dhabi:
Raha International School

Are Skype sessions as effective?

I would say Yes Skype sessions can be just as effective as an in person meeting, I have had great success with High School and College students, and any student from 7yrs and up where the student is motivated and engaged in the process.

FAQ for Student Workshop ‘Beyond Study Skills’

What age range do you work with for your ‘Beyond Study Skills Workshop?

The Beyond Study Skills Workshop is for 4 age categories. College students, 14-18yrs, 10-13yrs and 7-9yrs.

Where and when do you conduct the ‘Beyond Study Skills’ Workshop?

I run this workshop at Colleges and Schools throughout the UAE. Contact me to set up a workshop for your students.

FAQ for Online Training ‘Coaching Students with NLP’

Who is this online training for?

My ‘Coaching Students with NLP’ online video based or live on Skype program is targeted at anyone who is helping students to succeed in school, such as NLP Practitioners, teachers, tutors, educational psychologists and parents.

Do I need NLP experience to benefit from this course?

Some knowledge of NLP would help but is not a requirement.

FAQ for the Gifted Students Program

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone may apply who:
Is between the ages of 8 and 16;
Meets or exceeds the minimum qualification criteria;
Is a Citizen or Resident of the United Arab Emirates.

How do I access the application form?

Click here to access the online application form

Can you tell me a little more about the application process?

Applications are reviewed on an individual basis to determine if an applicant is qualified, if more information is needed, or if our program is not a good fit at that time. In order for an applicant to qualify, all items submitted must meet or exceed the minimum qualification criteria. Decision notifications will be sent via email.

Who can fill out the Nominator form?

A Nominator is someone outside of the family who did not administer testing. You may wish to consider teachers, instructors, mentors, coaches, or tutors as possible options. Once this person’s information is entered into the Online Application System and the application has been submitted, an email will be sent to the Nominator with a link to their form. The completed Nominator Form is required for an application to be reviewed.


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