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NLP in education TRAINING

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘Coaching Students using NLP’ Training online or in person !


Workshops & Seminars

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘NLP in Education’ Training at NLP centers throughout the UK and Schools in the UAE !


You worked a miracle with my son

Hi Tony, I don’t have the final scores yet in writing but I can confirm the following: Geography 6/7 (Up from 4) Maths 5/7 (Up from 3) French 5/7 (Up from 3) Biology/Chemistry 4/7 (Up from 2) English 4/7 (Up from 3) My son also won the “Ambassador Sports Award” which is one of the […]

Janine Hanekom, Parent, Dubai

You have turned my son into a math whizz !

Hello Tony it’s been a long time!!! You saw my son Jake a while back. Thought I would send you a Grade 4 update. He is still below reading level and struggles retaining info (busy busy mind) BUT he is a God damn whizz at Math! He even now helps his sister who struggles and […]

Lesley Stevenson-Thompson, Parent, Abu Dhabi.