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NLP in education TRAINING

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘Coaching Students using NLP’ Training online or in person !


Workshops & Seminars

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘NLP in Education’ Training at NLP centers throughout the UK and Schools in the UAE !


This has helped my daughters self motivation

Ok!!, Now I am really surprised! ,I went for a nap and I left my daughter alone watching tv! After an hour I came down and what did I see??, she was doing her Arabic homework […]

Katerina, Parent, Abu Dhabi.
nlp confidence

A massive impact on my daughters self confidence

My daughter in Grade 5B, has struggled quite a bit during her time at School. Her problems started with delayed speech and were compounded in retrospect by only spending 6 months in Grade 2 […]

Lisa Hamid, Parent, Abu Dhabi.