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NLP in education TRAINING

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘Coaching Students using NLP’ Training online or in person !


Workshops & Seminars

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘NLP in Education’ Training at NLP centers throughout the UK and Schools in the UAE !


Now I know how to help my own kids

Thank you so much I have really enjoyed the course, I have learned so much about how our brain learns. I wish every school had a center where a course like this is part of the school system. […]

Najma Al Bimani, Oman.

Math is no longer hated or feared

I cannot thank you enough for the help and encouragement you have given Maddi. Math is no longer hated or feared, she enjoys it for the the first time and her grades have really improved. We have just had parent teacher meeting and her Maths teacher is so pleased with the change – she finishes […]