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NLP in education TRAINING

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘Coaching Students using NLP’ Training online or in person !


Workshops & Seminars

Workshop-WebpageTony offers his ‘NLP in Education’ Training at NLP centers throughout the UK and Schools in the UAE !


A big change in my daughters attitude

Thank you Tony,I’ve noticed a big change in my Daughters attitude to work we do at home including maths homework, spellings and reading. She approaches it with so much enthusiasm and confidence now. It’s a joy.

Teresa Huins, Parent, Abu Dhabi.

I have referred many students to Tony

Over a 2 year period I have referred many students to Tony ranging from good and average students to struggling learners. Tony has produced excellent results both in the learning […]

Gerarda Sullivan B(ed), M(ed), TOFEL Cert. Teacher, Abu Dhabi.