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My daughter now understands her own thought process

March 26th, 2015 by Coaching Team

My daughter who is in grade (9A) has performed admirably academically at School. However, this academic year she has found the subject of Mathematics particularly challenging and has struggled to maintain an above average mark, in sharp contrast to her other subjects.
This has impacted quite significantly on her self-confidence and belief to a point that we as her parents felt it imperative to consult a professional in the field of learning. Mr. Barlow has worked with her over a period of six months and she has come away from the experience, invigorated with a new focus and self belief.
For the first time in her life my daughter understands her own thought process, pertaining to Mathematics. He has equipped her with concrete measures to change her approach and thought process, and crucially to grasp that it is a process that takes time and a result in a test or exam is merely a feedback,(not a judgement) of where you are and what you need to improve on.
My Daughter is a very “result orientated” student and thus when the desired mark is not achieved she struggles to come to terms with the issue.
Mr. Barlow has also been very effective in dealing with her emotional state of mind, especially regarding anxiety attacks during test and/or exam situations.
We as parents are grateful to have had access to a real professional in this field.

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