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Now I know how to help my own kids

March 18th, 2015 by Tony Barlow

Thank you so much I have really enjoyed the course, I have learned so much about how our brain learns. I wish every school had a center where a course like this is part of the school system. I have taught my two kids one 15 years old girl and the other one is 12 years old boy. They both have benefited a lot especially my daughter. With my son unfortunately although he saw the usefulness of applying it yet he is not willing to study. I would definitely recommend everyone to take this course. One more thing I have also taught my youngest son who was 6 years last year to look at the words as images instead of individual letters I witnessed the speed of reading and writing has dramatically increased, I have even taught him to imagine whatever his reading and make a movie in his head it works very well. Now I know the tools of learning and I know how to help my kids. Learning with Tony was enjoyable, as I could see how passionate he was with this course. I could ask whatever questions as many times as I wished and he was always willing to answer and repeat. I also received a certificate which I am proud of. Thank you so much Tony.

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