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The learning support teacher was amazed

March 26th, 2015 by Coaching Team

Hi Tony, Great news on the seminar, I do rate you highly so glad other families get to see how good NLP is 😉 I just wanted to up date you really. We had our Learning Support meeting with the teacher last week for each child. The learning support teacher for primary for my son was amazed at his progress.
He is head and shoulders above the ability now of everyone in the group and his confidence has grown so much.
I said again I really do think it was the sessions with you that did it. I think it installed in him that he could do it.
I see him so many times now with his homework, putting the strategies in place you taught him.
He is now doing Big Writes on his own and he has yesterday, just had his end of year concert where he stood with confidence and actually remembered his lines.
His teachers were amazed at his confidence and were all smiles – along with me! I really do believe he will go from strength to strength now.
I just wanted to let you know this as the learning support teacher said she also thought it had had a big impact on his attitude to learning and she also had other children who you have seen who are making miraculous headway.
So maybe we have convinced them …… Have a good Summer Best wishes Kim

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