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A massive impact on my daughters self confidence

March 26th, 2015 by Coaching Team

nlp confidence

My daughter in Grade 5B, has struggled quite a bit during her time at School. Her problems started with delayed speech and were compounded in retrospect by only spending 6 months in Grade 2 when she started school again in January 2009. These problems have obviously affected her self-confidence as she realises that she cannot keep up with the class at times.

It has taken us some time to realise that she is missing bits of information and also struggles to retain information in her long term memory.

We took her to Tony Barlow hoping (but not expecting) that he could help her. During our first session with him, he was able to get her to memorise her 27x table (and know her divisions with it) and to spell antidisestablishmentarianism forwards and backwards. We thought it was a party trick! But she has been able to remember them for some time, and the visualization technique has enabled her to learn and remember spellings and basic mathematics that she was previously unable to do. Her ballet teacher has even seen a huge improvement in her ability to remember dance sequences.

This has, of course, had a massive impact on her self-confidence. I would, and indeed have, recommended Tony to a number of people and believe that he is a valuable resource to our community. I have two children who each learn very differently and it is clear to me that some people are born able to remember things, and some need to be taught how. Tony fills that how to gap.

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