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Tony BarlowHi I’m Tony, I live in Dubai. I’ve Been working between this great city and the UK since I was 22 years old. I love my work. I’ve spent the last 14 years finding ways to help students succeed in school or college. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than transforming a students confidence in their own learning ability.


Individual Coaching for Students – Based on Neuro Linguistic programming I offer one to one sessions for students all over the world. In person in the UAE and on Skype for anyone else. 5yrs up to college and adult learners.
Beyond Study Skills Workshop for Students – I believe that a workshop like this one should be taught in every school and college. Students get to learn the ‘mental strategies’ used by top students which is the secret to taking the pain out of succeeding in school.
Coaching Students with NLP – Is an online video based course for anyone who wants to learn the power of using NLP to help students to succeed in school or college.


I started out here as the U.A.E National tennis coach, a position that I really did enjoy. I recognized that the mental side of sports was critically important and was always searching for ways to improve both my own performance and that of my players.

After getting frustrated with the standard sports psychology approach I finally came across NLP a far more practical tool that gets results quickly. I found a mentor in Peter Dennison who is the NLP mind coach for two of the worlds top golfers Darren Clarke and Paul McGinley and I had found my new passion.

My plan was to apply NLP to sports performance but one day I was explaining to a teacher friend of mine that you could use the NLP ‘Modeling Excellence’ approach to uncover the thinking process of your top student and teach the other students to do the same. She invited me in to her class the week after to try it out ! The results of this experiment were dramatic to say the least, every student in the class improved.

There was a boy in that class called Richard who I will never forget, he had been ‘diagnosed’ with ADD and ADHD and he was failing in the class. I took him aside for 3 private sessions and found out that this boy had an incredible ability to visualize but wasn’t applying it to his school work. I taught him the thinking process that I had taken from the top kid in the class and in the next history test he scored the top mark of 86%. The Vice Principal of the school at the time thought he had cheated and asked him ‘Richard, how did you suddenly jump from 20% to 86% ?’. ‘I just learned it the way Mr. Barlow told me to sir’ was Richards response. I was hooked, what I was doing with these students to my surprise, no one else was doing and I wanted to help more of them.


With this website I simply want to spread the word to all students, parents and educators that there is a missing piece in our educational system, we do not teach students what to do INSIDE THEIR MINDS in order to learn well in school, so some students do well and others slip through the cracks. NLP is the ideal tool to correct this so more students can easily succeed in school.

I personally did not like school, apart from being with my friends it wasn’t much fun. I was a typical unmotivated student who ‘could do better if he applied himself’ and its ironic that I now help students. I’m not the biggest fan of the educational system but its still the number one way we measure childrens success level and with the technology of NLP there is no need for any student to struggle, and students who are already doing well can learn to accelerate the process.

You will find lots of free information on this site, I wanted to use this site to not just talk about but to demonstrate that my approach is genuine, unique and really gets results where traditional approaches fail. I suggest you start on the free tips page, all my best tips will be there and I will add to them as I get questions from you.


Umayr loves the learning coachFinished all his assessments in time with minutes to spare !

My son wanted me to let you know that he finished all his assessments in time with few minutes to spare! Can I add it’s the first time ever. He used his ‘Fingers Anchor’ before every assessment which made him start with a buzz (he said!). Above all your sessions more…

Tony has helped Andrea's daughter studyTony helped my daughter handle the stress of year 12

I really wanted to thank you as I have seen a great improvement with my Daughter. She is handling the stress of year 12 really well and is slowly improving all her grades and has passed her last maths test and assignment which is amazing. Her wall is covered in more…

booksI have referred many students to Tony

Over a 2 year period I have referred many students to Tony ranging from good and average students to struggling learners. Tony has produced excellent results both in the learning ability and the general attitude of the students I have sent to him. I consider Tony to be more…

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